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Independent Medical Examinations, (IMEs)
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Medical Record Reviews
Occupational Consultations
IMEs are available to address specific questions you request.  Please read the fee agreement if you have not seen one before and if you agree then please make an appointment at the site listed above.  Send a cover letter with the questions and the medical records preferably electronically prior to the appointment.

Please schedule these using the scheduling site as you would an IME to ensure you have a specific time for the records to be reviewed.  Send cover letter and records as above.
A provider or other party may refer a patient to Dr. Backus for an occupational consultation to provide treatment or or other recomendations or opinions.  These are in general consultations for recommendations and opinions and not with treatent intended unless special arrangements have been made.
Other services are possible.  Please contact Dr. Backus directly by email for interest.  Expert testimony should be scheduled with Dr. Backus directly using his email.  In the past Dr. Backus has provided regular case reviews by onsite meetings with clients that manage workers compensation injuries.  
At Occupational Consultations, Inc., Dr. Backus provides a number of services. Appointments can be made by accessing the online scheduling service at:


By making an appointment you are agreeing to the standard fee for services agreement for work from Dr. Backus at OCI. If you do not have a copy, please request one.

Medical Records can be mailed or sent to the office address but the preferable method is to send electronically using the HIPAA compliant encrypted FTP server at this address:


If you send paper records, they will be scanned and then securely shredded unless you provide other instructions.  Since I do not employ office staff, the time for records handling is added into the time charged for the IME at the usual rate per hour.